We Are Diverse

MavTel Global Solutions is a global contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, custom control panels, plastic injection molds, machining and tooling, and metal castings. We provide custom turn-key manufacturing solutions by offering engineering and quality assurance services, logistics, supply chain management, distribution, and fulfillment services.

Fiber Optics

MavTel will bring you the highest quality Fiber Optic Cables built to spec and delivered on time. We have extensive experienc...

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Supply Chain Management

MavTel has the unique advantage of having global partners while having local Dallas-Fort Worth locations. While you only have...

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Inspection Services

MavTel manufactures our products globally while maintaining the highest standards during each production process. Our foremos...

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Design Services

MavTel’s technical staff will consult closely with you to determine the best approach to solving your most challenging desi...

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Electromechanical Assemblies

MavTel works to provide Electromechanical assemblies that meet your exact specifications. Using your desired product specs an...

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Plastics and Tooling

MavTel expertly manufactures the highest quality plastic molds, die casting molds, and stamping molds. MavTel holds a competi...

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MavTel sources and produces a broad selection of standard and custom connectors built to spec or reverse engineered for corpo...

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Custom Cable Assemblies

One of MavTel’s many specializations includes the expert design and production of custom cable assemblies. We work very clo...

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Wire Harnesses

With more than 20 years of experience in building custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, MavTel will bring you the highe...

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Solution

MavTel Global Solutions stands apart from our competitors by leading the industry in client-focused manufacturing: We believe our client’s unique needs guide their choice in globalized manufacturing.

We are able to implement a client-focused solution because our company focuses on providing our customers with turn-key manufacturing solutions tailored to their changing needs. We accomplish this by focusing on value engineering services, a single-supply chain, manufacturing flexibility, quality assurance, and fulfillment & warehouse capabilities. MavTel Global Solutions truly offers our customers a turn-key comprehensive manufacturing solution.

Diverse Product Manufacturing

MavTel Global Solutions is a global contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, fiber optic cables, custom control panels, plastic injection moldings, machining and tooling, die design services, first articles, and electromechanical assemblies.

Value Added Services

Not only is MavTel Global Solutions experienced in global manufacturing, we have engineers on staff with decades of experience in rapid prototyping, tooling design and manufacturing, and design engineering. This, in essence, provides a one-stop-shop for customers in need of simplicity and expediting their time to market.

Engineering Services

MavTel Global Solutions provides engineering and reverse-engineering services utilizing our broad scope of manufacturing and design knowledge. Our in-house engineers have the ability to reverse engineer our customers’ products saving them much valued time.

Global and Stateside Manufacturing Flexibility

MavTel Global Solutions manufactures in Asia, Mexico and the US and consequently have a diverse portfolio of manufacturing capabilities and competitive price points and lead times.

Our customers enjoy having the option to order large volume from multiple MavTel sources which promote cost savings. And when our customer’s business demands it, they can choose to order small runs with a quick turn around.

Quality Assurance

All products manufactured by MavTel Global Solutions are quality checked at our U.S. facility which ensures consistency of quality and a reduced time to market.