Children’s Face Shield (princess)


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Face shield is made of clear Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) sheet.Environmentally friendly material that complies with 21 CFR 177.1630 (f), also pose no risk of cancer or reproductive hazards under the California Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65 – listed chemicals) directive and its amendments and therefore do not
require a warning statement. EU Directive 2011/65/EU (the RoHS Directive Two). It is fixed to the forehead by a medical grade, hypoallergenic polyethylene brow band and secured with an elastic strap.

Product Advantages: Protects a larger area of the face than a mask alone, offers noresistance to breathing, easily disinfected, inexpensive, no feeling of claustrophobia, and may extend the life of a face mask. Fun designs encourage children to proudly wear. Made in USA

Technical Properties of materials

Specification Conditions Result
Service Temperature 80 – 104°C
Flammability UL94 HB
Flammability UL94 23°C 1.3-1.4 g/cm3

Product Specifications:

Dimensions Value
Thickness 0.15mm
Width 10”
Length 9”
Color Clear
Finish Gloss
Brow band 1” X 1” X 7”


The product must be stored in a dry shaded place -200C – +550C, < 85% humidity


After removal, put on clean gloves – obtain disinfectant wipe, Disinfect front (patient-facing) side of shield with EPA-approved disinfectant, non-bleach wipe. Allow for appropriate dwell time.

Turn shield over, wipe inside of shield and other areas, e.g. strap or ear loops with disinfect wipe, avoid foam area. Allow for appropriate dwell time. If shield is streaked or has a cloudy film, clean mask with soft, damp (with water) cloth or use an alcohol pad. Allow to air dry. If face shield appears damaged or torn – discard and obtain a
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