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OUR PRIORITY: Customer is First

MavTel Global Solutions stands apart from our competitors by leading the industry in client-focused manufacturing. We believe our client’s
unique needs guide their choice in globalized manufacturing.

MavTel Global Solutions manufactures in Asia, Mexico and the US and consequently have a diverse portfolio of manufacturing capabilities and competitive price points and lead times.

Our customers enjoy having the option to order large volume from multiple MavTel sources which promote cost savings, and when our customer’s business demands it, they can choose to order small runs with a quick turn around.

All products manufactured by MavTel Global Solutions are quality checked at our U.S. facility which ensures consistency of quality and a reduced time to market.

Manufacturing, Design, and Value Added Services

MavTel Global Solutions has decades of experience in supply chain management and manufacturing across the globe in various areas of specialties. We focus our talents on customized cables of a large varieties and specifications, wire harnesses, custom control panels, injection molded assemblies, machining and metal die castings. We provide a high degree of value in a wide array of markets spanning from Industrial, Retail, Gaming, Telecommunications, and Medical.


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MavTel Global Solutions leverages a wide array of global centers of excellence in manufacturing and value added services to ensure our customers remain competitive. We manufacture in Asia, Mexico, and the United States. Our diverse offerings of manufacturing facilities and value added services ensure our customers remain competitive.

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